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Reliable Caregiver Services for Elderly in Yorkton

We at Gladstone Seniors Residence offer comfortable residence options and caring services for the elderly in and around Yorkton. Our team believes that all individuals are unique, which is why we customize our services based on the different requirements of all our residents. We not only provide a place for residence, but we offer a setting where seniors can thrive and live their lives happily and comfortably.

Would you like to discuss our caregiver services for elderly and residence options? Get in touch with us to speak to one of our team members.

Our Core Values

We have a list of core values that we bring to all our services. These include:

Care: We believe in adding a personal touch and care to all our elderly care services. Our caregivers treat all elders with compassion and ensure that their needs are met.


Quality of life: Every person deserves a good quality of life, which can ease their ageing process. We believe that our quality care helps them minimize any negative factors in their life and enjoy it with a smile on their face.

Ready Assistance: Positive things always linger for a long time and that is why we are always available to meet the demands of our seniors.

Effective communication: We feel that effective communication is an essential commodity for our services, which is why we work hard to build an environment conducive to healthy communication.


Professional and Compassionate Staff

Our caregivers understand the stress and challenges faced by seniors and their families, which is why we avoid making things more difficult by exercising compassion and care. Our team respects the demands of seniors and ensures that they are met on time. Moreover, our years of experience allows us to provide an environment where seniors feel comfortable to voice their requirements and concerns. We understand that all needs are unique, and we believe in providing customized services that adhere to the highest standards.


A Closer Look at Our Services 


At Gladstone Seniors Residence in Yorkton, we offer customized services according to the requirements of our residents. Here are our services: 


Independent living: We provide supportive living for seniors who wish to keep an independent lifestyle. We prepare fresh meals and snacks; keep an active lifestyle while we take care of housekeeping and linen service. 
Personal care home: We offer our residents an opportunity to move to personal care should the need for higher care be required. Get the peace of mind that you deserve with our dedicated skilled personnel available 24 hours. 
Emergency response: In addition to providing compassionate and supportive housing for seniors, the suites are equipped with the Tunstall Emergency Response System. We provide wearable devices for the residents and they can access emergency call through the device any time.


Respite Care: We offer respite care for our residents and caregivers who need a break at times, if not regularly. We offer 24 hours on-site care. 



To know more about our services and the Tunstall Emergency Response System, visit our services page.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we’ve provided a comfortable residence to many seniors. Those who choose us have a host of benefits to enjoy, including:

  • Attentive staff that understands your needs
  • Beautiful and homely suites
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • High-quality of life
  • The opportunity to engage in quality social interaction

Building Management by Integrated Life Care

Integrated Life Care Inc. is a firm based Edmonton, specializing in developing and operating care accommodations throughout Western Canada. Each Integrated Life Care facility provides its residents with an alternative to conventional adult and senior care. Individuals residing in any of the Integrated Life Care facilities can continue to live a relatively independent lifestyle while also accessing additional care services should they require them. To learn more, please visit


A Loving Environment for Seniors

We provide a range of services and residence options for seniors in Yorkton.

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