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“Living at Gladstone is like living in my own home; I can come and go as I want. I can have whomever in when I desire, and I know that staff will continue to look after my health needs. I like not being lonely or alone, they are good to me here.”

- Susan

“The staff here at Gladstone is always obliging and helpful. Everything is excellent. Feels just like home, I have made a lot of new friends.”

- Gladys

“Met a lot of good people at this place, it’s my home now. Like the staff, food and there is always something to do here.”

- Laura

“I didn’t know how lonely I was living in my own home. I like the staff and they are good to me, I like the food better than I made at home, and I have something to do every day with my friends.”

- Resident

“I am very satisfied with the service, food and the staff. Over the years I’ve made some good friends. I am also happy that we have a chapel and service every week, just happy that I’ve found this place, because it was getting difficult for me to live alone in my home.”

- Mary

“We visited with Dad on the weekend and I would just like to remind you that you and your staff are doing a great job. Please let them know as to encourage them to keep up the peaceful atmosphere. I do not know them all by name but I am getting better. They make the place feel like 'family.' They always have a smile and a welcoming disposition. Coming from a medical background myself, I know that at times this is not easy.

Once again I cannot thank you enough for providing such a positive atmosphere to a service that is very much needed. I have always held a special place in my heart for the elderly. Many blessings to you all!”

- Lillian

“This is the fourth year now and I really enjoy staying here. Gladstone is very convenient and comfortable. People are very friendly, closer to my church, satisfied with the meals and I feel content.”

- Susan

“Love the way they take care of me. Really appreciate the service. Love the food and the ladies who take care of me. One of the best in the world.”

- Peter

“All the residents here are very friendly, food is great, love the birthday parties, staff is very caring and they treat me very well.”

- Martha


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